The Heart Disease Research Institute looks forward to:

  *   Providing on-going funding for research and programs that promote and utilize         therapies in the treatment of heart disease and other terminal diseases
  *   Increasing our position if supplying much-needed equipment, medical supplies         and medicines to hospitals and clinics both in the United States and                         internationally.  Many times, these supplies will mean the difference between         life and death for the patients of the hospitals and clinics.
  *   Continuing to provide emergency information to victims of heart disease, so              they can make informed decisions on how and where to treat their illness.  In          addition, providing ongoing emotional, spiritual, and financial support to                  victims of heart disease whenever possible.
  *   Increasing our 'networking' with other medical non-profit organizations so as to         increase the awareness of healing therapies and the treatment of heart                   disease.  The opportunities for helping individuals with heart disease are many,       but the resources are limited.  It is essential to build a strong network of                 dedicated, caring organizations to provide the hope for the victims of heart             disease.
  *   Equipping and positioning our Organization for the many new opportunities of           educating and providing the resources that will be demanded by the many               hospitals, clinics, and individuals that have, and work with heart disease.