The HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE directs its efforts and resources towards supporting research programs, clinics, charities and hospitals that have dual programs: 1. To educate the public about the prevention and treatment of heart disease and, 2. To provide therapies for the treatment and rehabilitation of heart disease and other degenerative diseases. HDRI acquires and ships humanitarian aid, medical supplies and equipment, as they become available, to hospitals and clinics that treat heart disease and other degenerative diseases.

The Oasis Heart Fund located in Tijuana, Mexico receives grants and support from the HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE to continue their research and help patients. The Hospital offers support to patients based on a “Total Care” approach. Developed by Dr. Contreras Sr., this method of treatment is designed to combat heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases, while at the same time improve the quality of life of the patient. The total care approach recognizes that a whole person has physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Nutrition, spiritual and psychological counseling, and an education program provide the foundation for the medical treatment.

Through funds provided by the HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, the Contreras group of doctors is able to continue ongoing programs of research and patient treatment. The doctors treat the patient, not the disease. They provide therapies that not only attack the heart disease, but will also equip the patient’s immune system to fight against heart disease. A special detoxification program creates the necessary environment for the body to get the best benefits. Nutrition combined with non-toxic therapies rebuild the patient’s natural defense mechanism which ultimately is the best system to restore wellness.

At the Contreras Oasis Hospital, the doctors seek out the most advanced, effective, and compassionate treatments available in the world for the treatment of patients with heart disease and other degenerative diseases. Their treatment programs are ongoing -- a take-home program is designed according to each patient's unique needs and it is monitored on a continuous basis. The programs at the Oasis Hospital are diverse and often include mega-doses of vitamins, organic foods, antioxidants, hormone therapy, neurological regenerating agents, and enzymes; all of which provide treatment for the whole patient. The HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE continues to search for ways to assist in helping individuals with heart disease to be made aware of the research and healing programs of the Oasis Hospital.

Destiny Medical Fund is an independent, non-profit organization in the Philippines. It receives grants and support from HDRI to continue to provide hospitals, clinics and senior centers support, specifically for the purpose of treating heart disease and other degenerative diseases. Destiny Medical Fund programs provide medical assistance for hundreds of people throughout the Philippines each year. An educational Educational show, “Mind and Heart” has been produced and is airing on their website Thousands are educated about prevention and early detection of heart disease. Destiny Medical Fund works closely with another charity, the Golden Center, to work on heart disease related projects with their over 2000 senior citizens. HDRI will endeavor to continue its efforts to help provide valuable medical supplies to the medical facilities and clinics in this less fortunate region of the world.

Maui Memorial Medical Center has a heart research fund which provides ongoing assistance to heart disease patients who have needs that would otherwise go unmet were it not for the support provided by the HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE. Donations have been used to purchase much-needed equipment such as the state-of-the-art Entrak, a new Ultrasound machine for the OB-GYN department, a Mammotome breast biopsy vacuum system and equipment to treat heart disease patients, to name just a few. Funds have also been allocated towards healthcare programs for the public such as Malama Pu’uwai (Take Care of Your Heart), and have helped to provide financial assistance and essential care and services for heart disease patients in financial need.

Esperanza Para Vida Mission and (Hope of Life) network with HDRI in providing medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian aid to be used by those in need in hospitals and clinics throughout the Guatemala . The hospitals and clinics provide much-needed medical care to many of the needy and disadvantaged people of their areas; in most cases charging nothing; in other cases, charging only the minimum amount for fees needed to provide the medical care. The regions they serve are some of the over twenty targeted areas by the World Health Organization to combat various degenerative diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, aids and heart disease. Some diseases are spreading at epidemic rates. The lack of properly equipped medical facilities and the lack of medical supplies further contributes to the ongoing challenge of saving lives--especially the children, the elderly, and the handicapped. In addition, HDRI works closely with representatives of these agencies to help respond to their ongoing needs