The primary purpose of the HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE                                                          (HDRI) is to provide research grants and aid to hospitals, clinics                                                                and support groups in the United States and internationally that                                                             treat heart disease and other degenerative diseases, and to provide                                                         support for the victims of heart disease.

                                                       HDRI works together with hospitals, clinics, charities and support                                                          groups that have dual programs:  1. To educate the public                                                                   about the prevention and treatment of heart disease                      2.To provide therapies for the treatment and rehabilitation of heart disease and other degenerative diseases.

HDRI acquires and ships medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian aid to the hospitals and clinics as it becomes available. Our hope is that as a result of our aid and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the clinics and hospitals will be able to provide better and earlier detection and treatment of heart disease and a much more cost-effective program for the heart disease patients and their families. Providing educational, emotional, financial, and spiritual support is the core of our programs.

As an organization that is dependent upon public support and volunteer help, the HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE continues to look for more cost-effective ways to provide the vital educational materials about nutrition and therapies for heart disease. In addition, we endeavor to provide support to research programs to advance the fight against heart disease. We are dedicated, focused, and concentrated on the goal of effectively providing support to those programs with the most advanced therapies to help the people who need it the most--the heart disease patient.

The HEART DISEASE RESEARCH INSTITUTE believes that it’s harder to reduce the numbers of people battling heart disease each day. We must find ways to eliminate the causes of heart disease. The basic causes of heart disease are linked directly to our environment and to our living habits. By changing these two elements through improved nutritional habits, the elimination of all known toxins from our environment, our food, our water and air, we can make tremendous strides in the fight against and in the prevention of heart disease and we may even be able to reverse your genetic curse.

I believe we are now starting to see many exciting and rewarding endeavors in the field of learning and practicing good nutritional health habits. These efforts will continue to lead the way to a better understanding of how we can overcome and eliminate not only heart disease, but also other life-threatening diseases through alternative methods of treatment. Only then will many thousands and even millions of lives be saved and much suffering eliminated. Together we can make a difference in their lives.

                                                                      Michael MacKay